NovaCina operates diverse manufacturing streams to meet all your sterile and non-sterile liquid pharmaceutical manufacturing needs.

Our facility, located in Perth Australia, is a state-of-the-art 34,000M2 pharmaceutical CDMO operation with core expertise in the development and manufacture of aseptic and terminally sterilized injectables in plastic, glass, and blow-fill-seal presentations, as well as safe handling and filling of cytotoxic products. NovaCina has nine production lines across Blow-Fill-Seal, High Potency / Oncology, and multiformat vial manufacturing streams along with significant technical service capabilities. The facility has been manufacturing and supplying products for over 30 years to 98 countries including the US, EU, Japan, Latin America, AFME, China and APAC. NovaCina is staffed by a dedicated, highly qualified, and long-tenured workforce of 400 staff members with an average tenure of 15 years in our facility. The facility is approved by global Health Authorities including the TGA, FDA and ANVISA

Blow Fill Seal (BFS)

  • LDPE ampoules, 1-30mL
  • 7 aseptic Rommelag Blow-Fill-Seal machines
  • 120M+ units capacity
  • Nebulizer, irrigation, amp, and luer lock formats

Oncology / High Potency

  • PP Vials, 2-100mL
  • 1 Restricted Access Barrier System aseptic line
  • 5M+ unit capacity

Multi Format Vials

  • Tubes, bottles, sterile secondary packaging
  • 1 terminal sterilisation vial line
  • 5M+ unit capacity